At Gold-n-Rule we create products that are made with quality and care, with more time spent on finishing touches and less on calculating margins.  We run on the philosophy that you get out what you put in, so we use only the finest components.

Life is not disposable, and the things that make your home "home" represent who you are.  Having a clear and true appreciation for beauty and the finer things should never be over rated.  We bring you unique house wares that are built by hand to be lasting heirlooms that can be passed on. 

We work with some of America's finest artisans and skilled craftsmen to turn these ideas into a reality and we are constantly impressed by the people who put their love, sweat and sometimes tears into their work.  When quality and craftsmanship are pillars of your trade, you instill a little piece of yourself into each product.  We are proud to be making our homewares locally, and we hope to bring some shine to those who still believe that putting their best foot forward is all in a day's work.